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      Suprema on KBIS Las Vegas 2015

      Date:2015-12-24 14:00

      In January 20, 2015, the world's largest professional exhibition kitchen KBIS grand opening in Las Vegas International Exhibition center. The exhibition gathered Kohler, Moen Moen, Grohe and many international kitchen brand, participating enterprises up to more than 500, is KBIS previous show the largest session. Suprema company under the lead of the chairman of the board of directors of the Xie Qingjun carrying the latest research and development of constant temperature balance pressure sanitary ware products in the period of three days of 2015 KBIS kitchen & bath industry event.




      Suprema in the bathroom products exhibitors 2015 the United States KBIS with global performance standards "high pressure, thrown into the water, single handle dual control constant temperature balance pressure bathroom products" the most popular all over the world buyers. Our in constant temperature and constant pressure sanitary technology R & D in the field of innovation and design philosophy, in particular, has been KBIS organizers -- the national kitchen & Bath Association nkba highly recognized and appreciated. Chairman of Xie Qingjun actively seek and suprema successful application to the booth of a large area of 2016 U.S. KBIS exposition of the main hall, when will and monopoly sanitary ware market in the United States the big three Kohler, Delta Delta, Moen Moen and Museum exhibition, to the world comprehensive display of representative world constant temperature balance pressure of the latest scientific research in the bathroom bathroom products.

      The scale and effect of the KBIS Chuwei show, comparable to the German ish Frankfurt bathroom exhibition, MCE, Italy Milan bathroom exhibition, the promotion of market radiation in North America and Central America, the suprema accurately grasp the overseas trends, fully exploit the market of North America, has a positive publicity and guidance.

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