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      Suprema & ISH 2015

      Date:2015-12-24 17:21

       The German ISH 2015 exhibition from March 10th to March 14th in Germany opened Frank furlong. Sulima, a line of 7 people, under the leadership of Xie Qingjun, chairman of the board to participate in this exhibition.



      The exhibition in the comprehensive arrangement and deployment of chairman Xie is very smooth! Although the devaluation of the euro affected the prosperity of the bathroom industry, but in the exhibition there are still many foreign businessmen came to visit our booth to discuss. British Triton, Bristan, Inta, LFL and German CN Sulima loyal customers, have sent representatives to the exhibition on our side. Also understand that some foreign firms will participate in June, held in Shanghai, China International Exhibition kitchen, continue with us to discuss cooperation matters.

      Shu Li unique constant pressure and pressure of new products to attract a lot of customers, these products from the beginning of this year will continue to be widely used and recognized, will also create a new glory for Sulima's Xinglong.

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