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      • Product name: Thermostatic & Pressure Balance Faucet
      • Product number: TPYA26A
      • Views : 148

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      Technical Specification

      ¢ Unique patented design, high performance and good stability;
      ¢ Flow control: ON/OFF with flow control;
      ¢ Check valves included inside inlet connectors which avoids cross-flow and easy maintenance and cleaning;
      ¢ Using Grub Screw to set the correct temperature. Very simple and effective;
      ¢ When the increase in inlet hot water temperature is less than 14℃ (25℉) given either of the inlet  pressure for
      cold and hot water varies less than 20%;a temperature variation from the initial outlet set temperature shall not
      exceed 2℃(3.6℉);
      ¢ If  the cold water supply fails, the volume of outlet water collected shall be immediately reduced to ≤1.9L/min;
      ¢ Complies with the following standards: QB2806-2006, ASSE1016-2011.