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      • Product name: Concealed Single-Handle Pressure Balance Faucet for Shower & Bath
      • Product number: PYA06
      • Views : 154

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      Technical Specification

      ¢ The temperature differential from the outlet temperature to the set temperature shall not exceed 2℃ (3.6℉) if the variation of hot/cold water pressure less than 50%;
      ¢ Flow Rate:18L/min(4.8GPM)at 0.31MPa(45PSI);
      ¢ with check stop valve which makes cleaning easier and avoid cross flow;
      ¢ Max outlet temperature can be set at 49℃(120℉),or determined by user himself;
      ¢ Safety characteristic: If the cold water supply fails, the volume of outlet water collected shall be immediately reduced to ≤1.9L/min to prevent bather from being scalded;
      ¢Complies with the following standards: QB2806-2006, EN1111-2008, EN1287, ASSE1016-2011 and the CUPC authoritative certification.