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      • Product name: Thermostatic Kitchen Faucet
      • Product number: TXM61
      • Views : 65

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      Technical Specification

      ¢ The ideal working pressure:  0.1Mpa -0.5Mpa;
      ¢ Cold water supply temperature:  4℃-29℃;
      ¢ Hot water supply temperature:  40℃-85℃;
      ¢ Set the safety temperature at 38℃;
      ¢ Safety characteristic: If the cold water supply fails, the volume of outlet water collected during the first 5s±0.5s shall be less than 200ml and the temperature of outlet water shall be less than 42℃, if the water collection greater than 200ml; The volume of the water collected during the second collection period of 30s shall be less than 300ml and the outlet temperature shall not exceed 49℃. The temperature of the water outlet shall be at 38℃±2℃ after restoration of the cold water supply;
      ¢ Complies with the following standards: QB2806-2006, EN1111-2008, ASSE1016-2011.